Today: 07/22/2018

Corporate Informational Websites
business deal image According to market research, when a user sees your web site for the first time a lasting impression will be made within 5 - 15 seconds. First impressions are everything. We specialize in the production of Web 2.0 information based sites for businesses. In today's economy, we understand exactly how important a high conversion rate is. Accordingly, we work with our clients diligently to ensure we capture the essence of the branding of your company correctly. Then we create a plan to provide the highest visual impact while prompting the user to contact you. Our project planning is second to none. Every detail of your project will be laid out online in a dynamic flow format...

Ecommerce Websites
Man For whatever reason, Ecommerce websites are viewed to be a huge monstrosity of complexity. Reality? They are not that complicated. A typical ecommerce website consists of products and inventory control, category display and control, and the association of products and categories. A 'shopping cart' is nothing more than values stored within the system while a person is on the site. Checkout is the process by which the data entered by the customer is securely conveyed to the payment processor. Then a value is returned by the payment processor... Approved or Denied. The system records the data as an 'order'. The order is controlled via the admin controller. When a linear approach...

Social Networking and Directories
group of people socializing Social networking has taken the internet world and given it a good shake! It has completed changed the way we interact, seek data, save and distribute websites, and introduced a very unique 'stickiness factor'. Market research shows us social networking is trending towards a niche focus. Accordingly, many of our clients are introducing elements of social networking to increase the reoccurring visits and pages viewed by each user. By promoting interaction between your customers, you have the ability to allow them to form a bond, not only with your products and services, but with each other. Full blown social networks with a focused subject are very popular.

Back Office Infrastructure
people meeting in front of a computer The creation of back office infrastructure is literally an art form. The relationships which can exist between data, clients, orders, products, personnel, departments, and work flows can be staggering. However, properly designed infrastructure will easily handle your company's daily demands for automated and streamlined data flow. We customize the design of all back office infrastructure projects according to the client's needs. These solutions are created without the use of any third party applications. When we are done, you own the code in its entirety. The first step in the development process is to create an incredibly detailed plan. This begins with a series of consultations...

Organic SEO and Buzz Generation
people passing the word One of the most cost effective methods of driving traffic to a website is a combination of organic search engine optimization and buzz generation. If executed properly, they compliment each other. This starts with an analysis of your web site. Does it have SEO friendly URLs? Is there an integrated xml site map? Is the site map registered with the major search engines? META tags? Quality Content? Well formed code? Then, based upon our analysis, we will prepare a recommendations list. Once the fundamentals are complete, we will work with you to create a joint SEO promotion and buzz generation campaign. Your SEO campaign may include back links, directory listings, search engine...

TrickyPHP Blog and Forum Customization
blog and forums image The TrickyPHP Blog and Forum applications are incredibly light and robust. They are distributed in an open source format. Each may be deployed in an existing web site, a new web site, or in a stand alone format. The Blog and Forum both come with a standard template which may be replaced or customized at will by an experienced PHP programmer. If you need assistance deploying, integrating, or customizing either platform, we are here to assist! For stand alone deployments, we can create a custom look for you, modify any of the functions, set custom pagination and banner ad rules, create special registration forms, store data, create a newsletter blast, and much more!