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We provide services for the customization of your new TrickyPHP Blog and TrickyPHP Forum. If you need to have custom modifications completed, just let us know what you want to have happen and we'll make it so. We have the ability to graphically redesign both platforms to make them look and feel like anything that you can imagine. If you have an existing website, and are interested in providing a seamless transition between pages, we can identically duplicate your existing look and feel. This way, your site's users won't feel as if they have just landed on Mars instead of your forum.

SEO and Buzz Generation...
There are many methods and strategies which can be deployed to make your site more visible to the public as well as to search engines. A good organic strategy will be necessary for your site to succeed. We start right at the beginning with SEO friendly URLs, META data for each page, and an integrated Google XML Site Map integration. Buzz Generation refers to the seeding of news articles, blogs, forums, and web directories which receive high traffic and are relevant to your web site's focus. This methodology has the ability to drive an enormous amount of targeted traffic to your website every single day at a fraction of the cost of a Google Adwords campaign.